A love Story

How We Met

Several years ago, Krzysztof and Biet fell in love over a plate of sweet potato fries and the sweet, sad sounds of The Innocence Mission in a diner on 23rd Street. Since then, Krzysztof moved to London and back, Biet evolved into a meditation entrepreneur, and a furry Russian cat named Mukti joined the family, which will someday soon include a Bernese Mountain Dog and a few kids!

The Proposal

Last September, Krzysztof hired a string quartet to surprise Biet on a Sunday at the midpoint of the Brooklyn Bridge. Sudden construction and mobs of tourists made his plan impossible, and so the quartet had to wheel its cello, music stands etc. back down the Bridge to City Hall Park, an improvised spot where Krzysztof knelt and sang ‘The Book of Love’ by Stephin Merritt to Biet, using the quartet as a kind of back up band. In the evening, City Hall Park is filled with live fire candelabras and so it was all rather magical.